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Teacher Biographies

Learn more about our teachers and their backgrounds!


Sally Nava

Music Together® Teacher, Certification Level 1

A born and raised Austinite, my love of music runs deeper than the Colorado River.


My whole family shares a thirst and appreciation for music, and singing as a family happened often and with much enthusiasm! My mom played the piano and guitar while dad educated and shaped my musical preferences with his impressive collection of record albums and boisterous singing voice.

I started singing in Children's Choir at age 5 and studied piano throughout elementary school. I began playing the clarinet in 4th grade and continued through my sophomore year at Texas Lutheran University, where I majored in Elementary Music Education while on a music performance scholarship. 

My claim to fame is two separate appearances at Carnegie Hall, once as a soloist! I also spent time at Trinity Lutheran College as a Youth and Family Studies major, where I enjoyed singing in the choir and studied guitar and piano.

I enjoyed 6-months "on the road" traveling the southwestern United States as part of a five-piece band, Kindred, sponsored by Youth Encounter. During these months on the road I led countless sing-alongs and concerts for youth and their families with my voice, guitar, and hand percussion.

A songwriter since high school, I truly found my voice standing beside the waters of Flathead Lake in Montana, where I worked for 5 consecutive summers as a camp counselor and a member of the leadership staff at Flathead Lutheran Camp. 

My guitar was a constant companion through these summers. Back home in Austin since 2005, I am thrilled to have found Heartsong Music and the Music Together® program, feeling in my bones that I have found something I am meant to do. I believe we all have music inside of us, and I am passionate about helping children and their families to let it out!

Sally has completed Music Together's advanced training, Certification Level 1.


Daphne Washburn

Certified Music Together® Teacher

My first musical memory is singing Bob Dylan songs with my mother. As a child I enjoyed improvising on our giant pump organ, my feet barely reaching the pedals, composing simple melodies using only the black keys.

In school I enjoyed choir class the most, and I joined a college level choir at the age of 17. I have fond memories of performing Rachmaninov with the choir and then going to see The Ramones in concert. I love all styles and genres of music and I believe that music enriches our society by bringing all kinds of people together to share a common ground.

I have a music performance degree and I have worked in early childhood music education field for over 10 years.

I taught infant and preschool Music for Musically Minded in Seattle, Washington for 2 years and I managed and taught music at a Gymboree Play and Music in Seattle, Washington for 2 years prior to moving to austin, TX in 2012. 

I have been working for Heartsong Music since October of 2012. I have been teaching classes at underserved preschools in East Austin since 2015. I work with the preschool staff to help integrate the outreach program into their schools, so that the program is implemented with the most benefit. I also serve as the Registrar - Office Manager for Heartsong Music and the Outreach administrator for the Heartsong Music Foundation.

My greatest joy is singing and dancing with children!

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